If you are involved in a dispute with another party and would prefer not to take the matter to court, it may be possible to resolve the dispute through mediation. We have successfully helped our clients reach consensus on a variety of matters including family law matters such as divorce, and businesses who have contract issues.

The best thing about mediation is it tends to avoid a drawn-out legal process, saving everyone time, and money. In addition, because there are no “winners” in mediation, there is a chance to maintain a working relationship with the other party after the process is complete. This is important to families who need to maintain lines of communication when there are children involved; parents need to maintain a civil relationship because it is important for their children.

We know not all matters can be resolved through discussion, but if you are involved in a dispute, and believe there is a middle ground that can be agreed upon, contact the Douglasville, or Albany, Georgia office of Chisolm Trimble & Associates, LLC and let us see if we can help.