Wills/Estate Planning


Many people believe if they have drafted a will, or created a trust, they have no further estate planning issues to deal with. However, estate planning involves more than the disposition of your assets upon your death. There are pre-death matters which often can be very complicated, and which should be addressed while you are in excellent health.

Understanding a Power of Attorney

One concern many of us have is what would happen if we were to be involved in an accident, or are struck by an illness that left us unable to manage our own finances or our day to day business. In these instances, if you have a power of attorney in place, you will have someone you trust addressing these issues. We recommend everyone have a power of attorney in place; regardless of your age.

Advanced Health Directives

If you are unable to make your health care wishes known, your family members may have to make decisions on your behalf. However, you can avoid family disagreements or the possibility that your family will do something against your wishes by putting an advanced health directive in place. These directives may be provided directly to your health care team so they are aware of what treatments you wish to have, or avoid, in the event you are unable to speak for yourself.

Contact Chisolm Trimble & Associates, LLC for all your estate planning needs. You can meet with an estate planning attorney in our Douglasville, or Albany Georgia office, ensuring your family is fully aware of your wishes in the event you are unable to speak for yourself.